About Salty Bones

Whether through a passion for fishing or by simply enjoying life on a sun soaked beach, anyone that loves the ocean has “Salty Bones”. 

With humble beginnings in Cocoa, Florida, Salty Bones® was founded in 2008 as a lifestyle brand dedicated to those with a strong connection to the crystal blue sea. As of 2022, it has become the core brand of Salty Bones LLC, a business formed and owned by Brandon Carey and James Scott.

Salty Bones® covers a broad range of ocean related products, from our flagship lawstick fishing rulers, to our unique stickers, and even our massive collection of license plates and signs, we're sure to have the perfect item just for you!


What happened to Advanced Graphics, Inc.?

As of 2021, Advanced Graphics, Inc. (AGI) had to close its doors.

Customers of AGI may have arrived here expecting something else, and that's okay! Salty Bones Hardcore Fishing LLC took ownership of all artwork and other assets from AGI as of 11/1/21 and over time we intend to expand our catalog more and more - first and foremost with the entire auto plate library AGI offered. We now have over a thousand unique designs and that's just the start!

While it's a shame that Advanced Graphics did have to shut down, we're proud to be able to continue on with many of the products that made AGI known as an industry leading manufacturer. And if you found your way here looking for AGI, we hope we'll be able to supply you just as well!


Business Hours

Customer Service is available Monday through Thursday, 10am till 5pm and Friday, 10am till 2pm. All times are Eastern.

336 Williams Point Blvd. STE 5
Cocoa, FL 32927

(321) 877-1309

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