Placing Your Decal or Sticker

So you just got ahold of a Salty Bones sticker, but you're not quite sure what to do next. Well look no further, cause we're here to help!

STEP 1 - Selecting the perfect spot for your new Salty Bones sticker.

This will come down to three key things: what size sticker you chose, what color surface you'd like to place it on, and being certain the potential spot is smooth, clean and flat.

Here's our basic guideline for picking a spot for each of our sticker types:

  • Mega Designs

These stickers are monstrous, and because of that they're going to cover up a large surface area. So, before you pick out this sticker's new home, we suggest doing a bit of planning beforehand. For example, were you considering placing it on your truck or car? Well these will look amazing on a rear window, but be mindful that because of their size they're likely going to create a blindspot if placed into a key viewing area. Because of that, we suggest having someone assist with the placement to find the best spot so that it won't obstruct your view.

Some of the best locations for these stickers: Large coolers, on the rear window of large vehicles, on the side of a boat (inside or out).

  • Profile, Standard Size

While not as large as our Mega stickers, the standard sized Salty Bones profile designs are still quite large.

Some of the best locations for these stickers: Medium and large coolers, on a large tacklebox, rear windows of most vehicles.

  • Mini Profile

These stickers are quite small, and because of that have a lot of flexibility on where they can be placed. They work great on drinkware, and just as nicely on a vehicle window. You can use them for a variety of things, from marking your catches, to showcasing your family members, to even just trimming a window with your favorite fish. The real trick is these are often mixed with other stickers, so you may want to plan the layout ahead of time.

Some of the best locations for these stickers: Tumblers and most drinkware, side and rear windows of most vehicles, coolers and tackeboxes, and flat and smooth bumpers.

  • Tumbler Size

It's right there in the name: tumbler size. But that doesn't mean they're limited to looking good on your favorite cup. Just like our mini profiles, these will look good in numerous places, the real challenge is planning ahead for when you want to add more.

Some of the best locations for these stickers: Tumblers and most drinkware, side and rear windows of most vehicles, coolers and tackeboxes, and flat and smooth bumpers.

  • Plotted Style

Our plotted style stickers come in both mega and standard profile sizes, but only come in white, which means they'll need a darker color background to have them stand out. So in addition to the above suggestions, you'll need to be sure there's enough contrast in whatever surface you select to really allow the detail to be seen.

Some of the best locations for these stickers: Tinted windows, coolers with a dark color, almost any smooth, flat surface that has a darker color.

STEP 2 - Prepping the surface.

You've got your sticker and you've got your spot. You're ready to go, right? Wrong.

The next step, an important and often overlooked part of placing a sticker, is cleaning the area. Depending on the condition of the area and just how dirty it is, we suggest using any non-abraisive cleaner (or even just water) to be sure the surface is clear of any dirt or debris. The most important thing is that there isn't any residue left over afterwards.

STEP 3 - Placing the sticker.

Now that the area is all set to go, all that's left is to place the sticker. Begin by gently taking the sticker off of the liner, starting from a "peel here" indicator or a sticker edge that comes up easily. Because some of our stickers have intricate details, be cautious as you pull it free of the liner, or you may end up unintentionally tearing a fin or other part from the sticker.

From there, line up the sticker to the spot you picked out then slowly begin to press one side down then slowly work across the sticker until it's completely placed on the surface. After that, step back and admire your work!

In the case of our larger stickers, like our mega designs and some of the standard size profiles, it may be a bit difficult to place these without having air bubbles. We suggest using a spray bottle and very lightly wetting the surface beforehand just with water. This will allow you to place the sticker then make adjustments without it fully sticking to the surface. Once it's in place, use the edge of a credit card or small squeegee to gently go across the surface of the sticker and remove any air bubbles and excess moisture. Dry up the area and you're all set!