What is a Salty Bones lawstick

Salty Bones foldable fishing ruler lawstick

What exactly is a lawstick?

Unsurprisingly, this gets asked a lot... and if you're not sure either, you've come to the right place!

A Salty Bones lawstick is a foldable ruler specifically tailor made for fishing. The unique trait of a lawstick is that it includes state-specific fishing guidelines. Plus, like many of our standard rulers, lawsticks also include our highly detailed Salty Bones fish art. That means whenever you're ready to measure your catch, you've got a quick reference point right there in front of you. No fumbling for your fishing guide in the moment and no need to bother trying to look up anything on your phone while trying to keep a freshly caught fish under control.

As an alternative, Salty Bones also has lawstickers. Just like our lawsticks, our lawstickers includes all of the same details. The difference being, our lawstickers are 36" sticker rulers. These are perfect for the inner or outer edge of a boat, kayak, a tailgate, or any flat, clean surface you can measure your catch up against.

Salty Bones lawsticker

An important thing to note though, our lawsticks and lawstickers are about adding convenience to your fishing trip, and while these rulers are handy they're not a total replacement for a fishing and wildlife handbook. This is especially important if you're fishing a new area - always be sure to look up what the current restrictions are and if you forget your guide, well... this leads into another useful feature on our lawsticks and lawstickers: they include the website address and a QR code for your state's guideline. That means if you're unsure if a law has been updated/changed, you can always check up on the most up-to-date laws.

And that should cover it! When you're picking out what to get for your next fishing adventure, we hope the details here makes getting our fishing rulers a simple choice.