What is a Salty Bones lawstick

What is a Salty Bones lawstick?

This gets asked a lot... and if you're not sure either, you've come to the right place. Simply put, a Salty Bones lawstick is a folding ruler specifically tailored for fishing. It has three connected pieces made from a lightweight material hinged together, allowing you to easily fold or unfold it from just over 12" to measure up to 36". It even floats, making it a cinch to snatch up if it falls overboard.

Unlike our standard folding rulers, the unique trait of a lawstick is across the ruler's face are state-specific guidelines and rules included along with art for the most popular sports fish of the area. So whenever you're ready to measure your catch, you've got a quick and easy reference point right there in front of you - no fumbling for your guide in the moment and no need to bother trying to look up anything on your phone while trying to keep a freshly caught fish under control.

An important thing to note though, a lawstick is more about adding convenience to your fishing trip, and while it is handy it's not a replacement for a fishing and wildlife handbook. This is especially important if you're fishing a new area - always be sure to look up what the current restrictions are and if you forget your guide, well... this leads into another useful feature on the lawstick: it includes the website address and a QR code for your state's guidelines, so if you're unsure, you can always go there to check on the most up-to-date laws.

So now you know what a Salty Bones lawstick really is: a multifunction ruler, meant to be used both as a measuring tool and as a quick and easy reference point for the laws of your state. When you're picking out what to get for your next fishing adventure, we hope the details here makes getting a lawstick a simpler choice.