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Salty Bones LLC

Salty Bones 36" Fishing Ruler Sticker

Salty Bones 36" Fishing Ruler Sticker


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This Salty Bones fishing ruler sticker is a bit smaller than our other fishing rulers - at only 1.5" x 36" it'll help you measure your catch without taking up a whole lot of space. Made of durable cast vinyl, this sticker ruler includes easy to read US standard measuring points that go across the full surface. This ruler looks great stuck along a tailgate, a large boat cooler, along the aft or inner walls of your watercraft, or on any smooth and clean surface that you can place your catch up against. Plus, if you don't quite need a ruler that's 36" in length, just trim down to the size you need!

  • This sticker ruler is 1.5" x 36" and measures its full length.
  • Includes large, easy to read US Standard measurements across the full surface.
  • The perfect gift for any angler!
  • Made of durable cast vinyl, this sticker ruler is waterproof, UV protected and scratch resistant. With its high-tack adhesive you can be sure it won't go anywhere once placed, and with our printing process, it will hold up in either fresh or saltwater, endure dirt and grime, last through soapy washes and more.
  • Works great on a boat or kayak, cooler, truck bed, or just about any smooth, flat surface.
  • 100% made in the U.S.A. - All Salty Bones products are proudly designed, produced and packaged at our Cocoa, Florida facility.

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