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Salty Bones LLC

Salty Bones 72" XL Fishing Ruler Sticker

Salty Bones 72" XL Fishing Ruler Sticker


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Coming in at a MASSIVE six feet in length, the Salty Bones XL fishing ruler sticker is the largest single-piece fishing ruler sticker we make!

Because of its size, this ruler is perfect for measuring game fish at a variety of lengths, from the largest Mahi to the smallest Pompano, and with our high resolution printing process, you'll have no problem reading the crystal-clear measurements. Uniquely produced with a polycarbonate, this ruler is incredibly scratch resistant, weatherproof and even waterproof - including saltwater! This material also prevents it from shrinking in even the harshest sunlight, and just as important, it won't flex as easily while sticking it to a surface. Plus it has a high-tack adhesive backing so you can be sure once it's placed it isn't going anywhere.

The XL is perfect for most watercraft including boats, kayaks and canoes, along the edge of a tailgate, on a trailer or RV, or on any long, smooth and flat surface. And if you don't quite need a ruler that's 72 inches in length, just trim it down to the size you want!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Brian Kotte
Perfect fishing ruler for a boat

Shipped quick and was well packaged. Stuck it on my boat along the aft cooler hold and had no problems with it. Really thick material, feels sturdy.

Alan J.
Amazing ruler especially for the price

Can't really find fishing rulers this big so that alone is a plus. It was a bit tricky placing it but with a little help from my wife we got it on there and it fit our boat nicely.

I'd buy it again. Good product.

Niel Tomas
Very well made ruler, probably the best I've come across

Your shipping was fast and the ruler came packaged nicely in a little box, no creases or wear. Huge plus there

I gotta say this ruler really feels like it's heavy duty, and whatever material this one is made from is pretty thick stuff. I've never stuck a sticker this large, and when I went to put it on my boat I was pretty sure I'd mess something up without some help, so I had a buddy of mine lend a hand. Everything went perfect, and it looks great.

Overall this ruler seems to be really made, and after a few fishing trips its still holding up quite well. It's been taking some abuse, but the sticker is holding in place just fine and it still looks just as good as when I first put it on

I normally don't leave reviews, but this ruler was so unusual I wanted to leave some feedback. Highly recommended