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Salty Bones LLC

Salty Bones Florida Saltwater Lawsticker - 36" Sticker Ruler

Salty Bones Florida Saltwater Lawsticker - 36" Sticker Ruler


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Made of durable cast vinyl, this Salty Bones saltwater lawsticker is a 36" sticker ruler that doubles as a quick reference guide and measuring point. Whether along the edge of a tailgate, across the edge of your kayak, along the base of your fishing boat, on a large cooler, or on any smooth flat surface just thoroughly clean the area then stick it and you’re ready to go!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Harrison J.
Good stuff. Now make bigger rulers

Buddy of mine swears by your rulers and has them on his deep sea skis so I said hell with it and took a chance on this and I am GLAD I did.

Let me say I've had a few decal fishing rulers from other brands and most were crap. Some shrunk or didn't stick all that well and were never accurate to begin with.... Hell some were so bad I would have been better off just eyeballing what I caught and guessing the length.

Your fishing ruler is so much better. It was easy to put on and I tested it for accuracy and everything lined up. I guess my only gripe is it isn't 40 inches or bigger, but i ain't gonna knock a point or star whatever cause of that. But hell if you make a bigger ruler Id definitely pick one up.

Brad Earnest
Great customer service

Found out the hard way not to pull on the sticker while placing it I must have overstretched it cause of that. It's off by an 1/8th but oh well, lesson learned.

Was going to give it 3 stars cause it's still a nice enough ruler, but Salty Bones has such great customer service I gave it an extra star.

Todd Morris
Love your rulers

Picked up 2 for my boat